Copper Kitchen Store FAQ - Custom Range Hoods

-Can I customize the dimensions of the range hood?
Yes, you can. Write us and we will create a quote for you.
-How do I choose the right ventilation system for my kitchen?
We can help you with that!
-Are the LED lights included with the range hood?
They are included with the ventilation system model you pick.
-What are the different metal and finishing options available for the range hood?
While we can create several custom finishing, here are our standards 
-How do I select a specific patina for the brass decor?
Please write us and let us know what you like more, easy as that!
-What is included in the shipping process?
Everything, including handling and packing.
-Do I need to purchase a Stainless Liner separately?
We offer several options from our brand partners that can work with our range hoods.
-Can I see a CAD drawing and photoshoots during production before shipping?
Yes, every order includes a CAD drawing and 2 sets of photoshoots before shipping
-Are Angled Baffle Filters included with the range hood?
They are available by request
-What Italian design features does the range hood have?
Sense of proportions, details, special metal finishing

- How Can I order a custom range hood?

all our range hoods can be custom-made for your dream kitchen. Please write us and we will be happy to assist you.

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