Why cooking using copper is always a good and safe decision

Why cooking using copper is always a good and safe decision

Copper Cookware and Human Health

You are in love with a solid copper stockpot, or a frying pan, or a cookware set but you are unsure if it is safe for your health.

The answer is yes if the product is made in the right way.

Besides being the best cooking tools, a copper pan made with solid copper and a lining on the cooking surface is safe for your health.

Amoretti Brothers copper cookware with a double layer of tin lining on the cooking surface guarantees your health will be protected.

Here some facts.

To know whether it is safe to use copper, one needs to understand what this metal is all about.

Copper is an essential mineral in one’s body tissues, which along with iron aids in the formation of red blood cells. Copper also helps in maintaining the nerves, blood vessels, bones, and immune system healthy. This mineral trace is found in some whole grains, shellfish, potatoes, dark leafy greens and dried fruit.

People often obtain their copper from the food they eat. The amount of copper a body needs is somewhere between 19 to 900 mm for adults. Large amounts of copper, however, can be dangerous as they can become poisonous, which is why many people ask whether it is safe to cook in copper pots and pans.

Amoretti Brothers copper cookware is manufactured with a double layer of tin lining on the cooking surface.

Since everything we manufacture is hand-crafted, also the tin lining is added using a traditional handmade technique which guarantee that the process is made in the right way.

This to prevent any possible extra ingestion of copper in your body.

It is also important to say that some cooking preparation do not require a pan with a tin lining. For example, a mixing bowl is usually without a tin lining because it is used for sweet foods or jam. Other preparations like some vegetables (nopal in Mexico by example) need to be cooked on raw copper to be greener. 

But what is the tin lining?

amoretti brothers hammered copper cookware tin lined brass handles

Tin Cookware Lining

Tin is an inert metal that produces an incredibly smooth nonstick surface and conducts heat nearly as well as copper, leaving most of the cooking advantages intact. Tin is far less likely to leach into cooking food, is easy to clean and will prevent potential exposure to copper.

We add a double layer of 100% pure tin to give extra durability.

So, when you use one of our pan, your health is safe..


Copper Cookware is also an Anti-Bacteria and Anti-virus.

Also, copper can kill a type of virus known as a coronavirus that causes respiratory problems ranging from the mild discomfort of a common cold to potentially lethal pneumonia.

 Copper Cookware and Birds

 This is a FAQ from some customers who happen to have pet birds. Just to be clear: solid copper doesn`t produce any fume that can harm anyone, including pets birds. This is the big difference between copper or other less expensive materials like Teflon.


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