Daubière: what’s the deal with this fancy-named copper item?

Daubière: what’s the deal with this fancy-named copper item?

Let’s explore a bit more about this fantastic addition to your copper pot collection



We know: purchasing a Copper Daubière seems like a very attractive idea, but not frequently do we possess enough information to really go for it. In order to provide more context and explain a bit more about this excellent kitchen addition, we prepared this little list of facts:



  1. Daubière comes from the French word daube, which can be roughly translated into “stew”.
  2. Its original design was different: made often with terracotta, daubières were small tall pots. Material changed in modern ages when thinning process left lead behind.
  3. This pot is made to really soften the meat inside in often long cooking periods.
  4. Ancient daubières were made to prepare a Provençal dish (daube) and it’s an important appliance in French cuisine history.
  5. You probably guessed it by now, even in modern cooking, a daubière is a key piece in preparing different French dishes.


Another interesting fact is that daubières are a “modern” interpretation of the braisère (we are talking modern as in the 19th century). Chefs back then used to put the pot directly into the fire, and even used to shovel into the pot’s concave lid some lit coals in order to get the right open-oven-like effect and temperature into the stew.


As we know, copper conducts heat more efficiently, and copper daubirères got to keep the “braise effect” when used right. The whole purpose of braising is to keep the right temperature and moisture of the meat to get the tender, juicy desired result. This happens when we have a perfectly sealed pot and avoid air to go in. Too much air going in will, with no doubt, dry and harden de surface.


In conclusion, a copper daubière will come really handy, not only for French cuisine but for any dish that requires a sealed environment to perform best. A daubière often can replace oven use completely and make perfectly cooked dishes right on the stove. Amoretti Brother’s Copper Daubière seals perfectly, but a great tip to get that extra moisture is to place baking paper inside, well-covering the lid’s edges.


So, are you ready to try out your brand-new Copper Daubière? Tell us how it goes using #AmorettiBrothers in social media!

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