Home and garden decor: cuisine art hammered copper cookware

Home and garden decor: cuisine art hammered copper cookware

Why do mothers, grandmothers, or aunts tend to store their porcelain dishes very well, never to take them out? Well, maybe they are taken out once in a while, on a super special occasion. Obviously the value of some objects transcends the practicality with which they were originally manufactured, as if it were a legacy to a loved relative.

The same is the case with the Amoretti Brothers' Italian hammered cookware tin lined copper. And it is that, beyond the high functionality of these artifacts, which can be fully used by the most renowned chefs on the planet, in the process, they end up being an aesthetic and decorative element for any beautiful home.

From the ancient Phoenicians, a civilization that furtively searched for main minerals such as copper, for its metallic manufacture from the second millennium, BC. Precisely, the aforementioned metal was sought along with gold, silver, tin and iron, for its subsequent fusion or alloy. The importance of copper as a base lies in its functionality for the weapons and tools of that time, as well as its aesthetics and design for the most luxurious jewelry.

Our ancestors were wise and much more, knowing perfectly well the value of the minerals that our mother earth gives us; components that the Amoretti Brothers together with the Mexican artisans of today, have managed to produce the best copper cookware collections.

The standard process to achieve such works of art is to cut blank discs or copper sheets, using a turning lathe, to shape them differently depending on the special design. In that sense, each hammered copper pot and pan has a unique and different aesthetic that will transcend time.

It is a strenuous job, but it is worth doing, since it usually takes two people to do the stamping. The first worker is pressing the tool, while a second person handles a roller, producing a back and forth in the manufacturing process.

Everything is about a perfect turn, in which the people involved in the elaboration of the artistic utensils must be on the lookout all the time. Perhaps the key to perfect hammered tin lined copper production is working with well-versed people or entrenched in copper cookware making, such as the artisans in Mexico, and the classic Italian design offered by Amoretti Brothers.

What is the real trend in cookware? Many will say that stainless steel cookware are still the most popular, but there has been a growing trend in copper cookware collections, to such an extent that it has inspired world famous cooks and chefs, to have these pans and pots, as a decorative element in the privacy of their kitchens.

These pots and pans exhibit unusual beauty, perfect for the ultimate gift, or as a testament of a beautiful asset, left as family inheritance. It is normal that these special utensils as they are, sometimes used only for kitchen decorations, knowing for the perfect conductivity for uniform heating, and more so in tinned pots and pans, becoming the most powerful tool for any self-respecting chef, and also for amateur cooks.

Perfect for candy and jam, due to their acidity-neutralizing nature, and excellent as decorative and aesthetic elements for the home or restaurant, these products are the best you can find on the market.

another good reason to buy these works of art is because the copper used is recycled. This is a great advantage, as it is well known that such element never loses its physical and chemical properties when used over and over again. This promotes a decrease in the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere, giving a plus to the product.


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