Unique Gifts

Unique Copper Gifts

Discover the charm of our unique handcrafted and romantic specialized copper gifts, designed specifically for discerning kitchens and chefs. Each gift embodies the essence of craftsmanship, showcasing the artistry and dedication of our skilled artisans. From exquisite copper utensils to elegant kitchen decor, our collection is curated with a touch of romance and tailored to meet the needs of passionate culinary enthusiasts. Whether you're searching for a gift for yourself or a special chef in your life, our specialized copper gifts are sure to ignite inspiration and elevate the kitchen experience.
copper planter for kitchen
Copper Planter
Copper teapot for luxury kitchen gourmet
Copper Teapot with Lid, 6.3"
Copper Mug  - set of 2 - AmorettiBrothers
Copper Mug Set of 2
copper teapot kettle kitchen gift
English Copper Tea Kettle
Hammered copper cocotte with leaves by Amoretti Brothers
Copper Cocotte with Engraved Leaves 5.5"
Hammered copper sauce pan with lid 4qt - luxury designer cookware
Copper Saucepan 4.4 Qt with Flower Lid
Hand-hammered to perfection by our expert coppersmiths, the 12.5” Fry Pan is a chic cooking staple.  Its gleaming copper exterior is complemented by a double layer of tin interior lining. Applied by hand by our artisans, each layer gives the inside of the pan an even protective coat that guarantees a lasting cookware piece.
Copper Frying Pan, 12.5"
Copper Tray - 18.7x10.8x1.6 - kitchen tools
Copper Tray - 18.7"x10.8"x1.6"
Small Copper Saucepan 4.7"
Small Copper Saucepan 4.7"
champagne ice bucket in copper with brass decor
Copper Champagne Ice Bucket with Brass Decor
Handmade copper milk pot with lines Amoretti Brothers
Copper Milk Pot - 5.5"
Hammered Copper Turbotiere - Designer Kitchen Tools
Copper Turbotiere - Small