Paella pan

Handcrafted Copper Paella Pans

Authentic Italian Paella Pan of 13 inches and 19 inch totally handmade by the best coppersmiths over Mexico, this labor this work is carried out by taking the best of the classic culinary appeal, evoking the Italian renaissance. Our Pallea Pans are made with double tin lined over the hammered copper, taking care of quality all the time is the reason that many more specialists look for our products, like "Connoisseurs of gourmet cuisine" "Excellent gifts for gourmet lovers" "Specialized Chefs" "Home Decor" "Specialized Food Exhibitions" "Specialty Restaurants"

The Amoretti Brothers Paella Design is one of the best on the market in the topic of the luxurious handicrafts kitchen tools, its tin lined interior surface allows cooking without modifying the original essence of food that could be acidified in other types of metals, and the density of copper expands heat in harmony and allows you to create truly gourmet dishes, let's experience cooking in one of its best versions, the craft piece will also do its thing, being a delight to the eye and to the touch, chefs and lovers of good cuisine greatly appreciate this type of piece.

hammered copper paella pan
Copper Paella Pan, 13"
Copper Paella Pan - AmorettiBrothers
Large Copper Paella Pan,19"
Hand-Engraved, Double Handles Copper Paella Pan 13"
Hand-Engraved, Double Handles Copper Paella Pan 13"