Hand-Hammered Copper Canisters Collectione

Many of the items in your kitchen either tell a story, because they are hand-me-downs used in earlier days, or are something you've collected as you've lived your life. Canisters, either as matching sets or odd ones you've accumulated or saved because you like them, may contribute to your story. 

Some families have used canisters for several years. Others have been painted or embellished with colors and patterns by homeowners to match their kitchen decor. 

Canister sets for flour, sugar, tea and coffee, or possibly brown sugar and some other item, have been around for years. I like to browse in antique stores and see which ones catch my attention and possibly remind me of my childhood or early-married years. 

We have created beautiful hand-hammered copper canisters. Artisan hands, with a lot of experience, coming from an indigenous ancestral lineage and the touch of another Italian lineage, influenced by the Renaissance, create a piece of high value for the lover and collector of handmade kitchen utensils, decorated with a cast-copper duck on the lid and cast-copper bird respectively.

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