Special Edition

Amoretti Brothers exclusive signature collection, each pot and pan is hand-engraved with different decors. Cast-bronze knob and handles. A real work of art

Copper Mug  - set of 2 - AmorettiBrothers
Copper Mug Set
hammered copper fry pan  by amoretti brothers
Copper Frying Pan 9"
Hand-hammered to perfection by our expert coppersmiths, the 12.5” Fry Pan is a chic cooking staple.  Its gleaming copper exterior is complemented by a double layer of tin interior lining. Applied by hand by our artisans, each layer gives the inside of the pan an even protective coat that guarantees a lasting cookware piece.
Copper Frying Pan, 12.5"
Amoretti Brothers Set of 7 hammered copper with bronze lid flower
Copper Cookware Set of 7 Flower Lid
Hand-engraved Lines Copper Mug - set of 2 - AmorettiBrothers
Hand-engraved Lines Copper Mug Set
Copper Cocotte with hand-engraved Lines 5.5 - Cocotte
Copper Cocotte with hand-engraved Lines 5.5"
Hammered copper cocotte with leaves by Amoretti Brothers
Copper Cocotte with Engraved Leaves 5.5"
Hammered copper sauce pan 2.8 qt - luxury copper cookware
Copper Saucepan 2.8 qt with Flower Lid
Amoretti Brothers copper roasting pan with tin lining
Copper Roasting Pan 13.7" x 9.8"
Create an appetizing platter with this elegant serving board.  Entirely handcrafted, this rectangular serving board is made of bleached wood. This subtle backdrop makes for a high contrast that highlights your meats, cheeses, and fruits. Delicate copper edge is riveted into place and frames the rest of the board, providing a touch of luxury to this minimal piece. Leaf engravings extend throughout the copper border, adding another layer of understated refinement.
Large Roasting Pan 20.8" x 16.7"
Hammered copper fry pan 11 inches by Amoretti Brothers
Copper Frying Pan, 11"
hammered copper paella pan
Copper Paella Pan, 13"