The 10 Main Benefits To Use Amoretti Brothers Copper Cookware in your Kitchen

The 10 Main Benefits To Use Amoretti Brothers Copper Cookware in your Kitchen

"Committed to artisan handmade luxury, we believe in making and promoting culinary culture, not merely products."



Here the 10 main reasons to buy, collect, and use our copper cookware.

  1.  For its beauty.  Any environment will be enhanced by its presence, its harmonious and simple design, its sinuous yet sturdy handles, nuanced to please even the most discerning connoisseur. Plus the attractive copper color (copper, with gold, is the only metal to be naturally colored).
  2. For its durability.  It can be handed down from generation to generation, periodic tin-lining ensuring that it will retain its beauty forever.
  3. For its perfect cooking qualities. It ensures uniform heat distribution, all over the surface and sides, thus avoiding localized burning.
  4. For its energy saving. After silver, copper is the metal that conducts heat best. It is thus possible to reach the desired temperature in a very short time without heat dispersion.
  5. For its versatility. It can be taken directly from the kitchen to the table, where it will impress guests as much as and more than the food it contains.
  6. For its intrinsic value. It is made of copper, a noble metal increasingly rare in nature — so much so that it is now referred to as RED GOLD — whose value is increasing all the time. Prices increased from 1,600 euros a ton in 2003 to 6,000 euros in 2006 (+81% with respect to the previous year). A copper pot should thus be seen as a mere purchase but rather as an investment.
  7. For its “uniqueness”. It is a completely handcrafted object. As a result,  no pot is identical to another, which is why each one is numbered.
  8. For its cult status.  Ever since it first appeared in sumptuous Renaissance courts, it has always been the “queen of pans”, perceived in the collective imagination of western civilization as an exclusive object/instrument packed with history and significance.
  9. For its reliability. Each Amoretti copper pot comes with a lifetime guarantee (the tin-lining is not included in the warranty as it must be restored once in a while).
  10. For it’s eco-friendliness. Because it’s made of natural, recyclable, reusable materials— copper, tin, bronze — and because it’s a handcrafted, non-industrial product with an added value consisting exclusively of human skill and labor.

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Amoretti Brothers Hammered Copper Cookware in a wooden furniture
Amoretti Brothers copper cookware with avocado y vegetables


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