5 reasons why you should install a designer copper range hood in your kitchen

5 reasons why you should install a designer copper range hood in your kitchen

5 is a very catchy number, but please notice that there are plenty more reasons why a brass or copper range hood is a must in your home décor. 


Let’s talk about Range Hoods. As many of you know, for a few years now, we have been producing a collection of brass and copper range hoods in our workshop. With our brand’s spirit, we have been developing these products using only the best materials, our master metal-workers experience under stunning Italian design. To top it all up, we partnered with ELICA, the best ventilation system producer out there, so we can offer advanced, top-notch, and powerful ventilation systems in our range hoods. 

We all have seen a range hood before in our lives, and chances are, we all get the general idea of its purpose: somehow get rid of the fumes sent up in the air while cooking. 

While this is not wrong at all, there is much more to it. Here are 5 great reasons why a range hood is something you defiantly should have in your kitchen: 

1. Upgrade your kitchen.

Yes, we need to address the style and aesthetic aspects of installing a hood in your kitchen. These statement pieces are a cornerstone of your great taste and elevate the space from basic to wonderful. 


2. Cleaner air.

Pollution and gas are removed from your cooking space. And not only that, but also you’ll be immediately getting rid of all sorts of harsh smells that might otherwise linger around your home or building.

3. Heat removal.


Ever felt like you just went on a hot summer hike in Arizona but then realized that you are just standing in front of your stove preparing a meal? A brass or copper range hood gets rid of all the extra heat and lets you cook without feeling like you are somehow boiling too. 

4. Better lightning.


Having an overhead light while cooking is a game changer. To state the obvious, you’ll see everything more clearly and have you feeling like a pro, and also, range hoods lighting creates a nice and inviting atmosphere for friends and family to hang around the kitchen. 

5. Say goodbye to mold and pests.

Mold appears wherever there’s steam and moisture and range hoods avoids all of it. Also, they are an effective way to keep unwanted guests from crawling in from the exterior. 


Eye-catching, functional, and also an important item to keep the family healthy… Sounds like owning a brass or copper range hood is a great deal, right? More so if you pick yours from our collection. Keep in mind we can make modifications to perfectly fit your space and even create something entirely new to meet your range hood dreams! 



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