Cooking outdoors is bound to be your new favorite trend

Cooking outdoors is bound to be your new favorite trend

Coronavirus made us all look for open spaces to hangout and we ended up rediscovering our love for nature.    

Even in the worst scenario, there will always be a silver lining. Last year, during the world pandemic, we found ourselves spending all of our time at home. Back then, we were forced to find activities to spend time with our families and nourish our souls, such as cooking


Now, 2021 has a different approach of things: as vaccination campaigns move along and restrictions started to became more flexible, we felt super enthusiastic to finally be able to step outside and breathe a little (of course, without risking ourselves and others).


As we look to frequent well-ventilated spaces, we often found ourselves organizing pic-nicks and day trips to the nearest hiking trial or beach. Exploring the great outdoors (or the neighborhood park, or even our own backyard) became the safest, most interesting and fun idea for having a get-together with a few friends and family.


A few tips to have a blast:

  • Hotdogs and burgers are great, we all love them. But how about a nice pasta arrabiata? Or trying a Spanish paella? A nice stew? Get your copper kitchenware out and start cooking. Remember that copper will distribute the heat evenly inside a pot or pan, even if it’s on a grill, where heat control can be tricky.
  • Buy everything fresh and prep all the ingredients for your dish at home. Nothing says: “I’ve got this” louder than a tote bag full of beautifully stacked recipients. Also: Zero-waste is the way to go.
  • Snack healthy. While the food is done, get everyone some healthy nature-inspired snacks, such as fruit or vegetables. Avoid those ugly processed products with empty calories and non-ecological packages that end up in the trash.


Your Amoretti Brothers hammered copper kitchenware not only will amaze everyone, but will help you maintain everything nice and warm for a longer time. Consider, copper will be absolutely fine outside: log or coal fire won’t harm the material, and stains won’t stay long if you follow these simple cleaning steps.

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