Italian hammered cookware tin lined copper as priceless art gifts

Italian hammered cookware tin lined copper as priceless art gifts

The history of copper is vast, and rich. Perhaps the most important thing to mention about the product we offer is the fusion of Italian design with Mexican copper smiths, and that necessarily leads us to mentioning the history of copper craftsmanship in the beautiful State of Michoacán, deep within the heart of Mexico.

"Santa Clara del Cobre" is a place of world-class recognition for its handicrafts. A town founded by Augustinians in the middle of the 20th century, and later evangelized by Franciscans. However, its mysticism originates from the pre-Hispanic era, giving rise to a fusion of cultures through the original art of the region, with Spanish techniques.

The vision of the Amoretti Brothers is not far behind in any aspect, since they have been able to discern and promote impressive projects from any point of view. Italy and Mexico share a bilateral artistic culture, which results in the best crafts of all kinds, including of course, the hammered copper cookware set.

They understand the importance of making functional objects for the most sophisticated restaurants, but at the same time, with the idea of permeating a unique aesthetic. People around the world have seen these handicrafts as an object of high value to give away, and the one who receives the gift immediately welcomes it as an invaluable asset to have in their beautiful home, and that it transcends time, even serving, as hereditary objects.

Without a doubt, a laborious and meticulous task is carried out by the artisans when making the pans, knowing that the mechanics of the process require a total focus on the center of the artifact by moving the roller close to the metal, firmly and safely, so that the finish is perfect on the entire surface of the pot. Now you have to imagine the most artistic coppersmith, when making hammered tin lined copper cookware, like those made by the Amoretti Brothers in partnership with Mexican artisans.

Now, how do you choose the best cookware set or individual pot or pan to provide the finest gift that can be given to a loved one? Acquiring kitchen utensils can become an overwhelming activity, especially when there are many options of materials and designs. The importance of the good choice becomes more relevant when it comes to copper cookware, since it requires a significant investment, due to the inherent beauty of its constitution, especially when they are made with a true artistic touch.

Thinking in the strict sense of the purpose of a gift like this, you can consider two perspectives, either functional or merely decorative. From a practical point of view, it is the perfect gift for those who love to make chocolate and candy, so if you have a grandmother or know someone who loves unique tools for their kitchen, then it will be the perfect gift.

From a home and garden decor standpoint, they will emerge as masterpieces designed to be also traditional hammered copper cookware, to be proudly displayed, whether hung or stacked on special shelves in the kitchen and display places; undoubtedly giving life to any room, and generating an excellent topic for conversation, like any artistic work that is respected.

Craftsmanship requires time and effort, from the first step that consists of gathering the necessary materials to the manufacturing process, as well as recycled copper, an essential added value for the friendliest ways of producing high-quality handicrafts. All this is well understood by an organization like the Amoretti Brothers who are constantly engaged in every stage of artisan production. The classic Italian design, combined with the artisan-ship talent of Michoacán, has given and will continue to give, the finest product to the most demanding and sophisticated eye.


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