At Amoretti Brothers, we know that maintaining some beginnings is essential to have a perspective of quality life, humanity, and awareness of the planet. The first aspect is; why make copper kitchen utensils: Copper is one of the most used metals in the world's traditional cuisine, not only because of its immense beauty but also because of its ability to transmit heat and its material composition. It does not generate a burning release in the form of smoke and other antibacterial qualities.

One of the principal values at Amoretti Brothers is the environmental impact and sustainability of our products, for this reason, these have been made with recycled copper that is 100% recyclable and does not lose its chemical or physical properties even if the process is repeated. The advantages are clear: saving energy is very important since recycling represents 85% less consumption than extracting it. The process of extracting, transporting, smelting and refining is reduced to these last two phases.

Therefore, tons of CO2 are not emitted and valuable reserves of oil, gas, and coal are conserved, assuming a clear benefit for the environment and the obvious reduction in costs. All this will result in an adjustment in the price of copper.

Almost Infinite Raw Material

According to the Copper Development Association, 12% of the world's known copper resources have been exploited throughout history. Of this amount, various estimates indicate that 80% is still circulating. Copper is unlikely to run out: even if extraction decreases, it will continue to circulate, as it can be fully recycled.

Europe is the area of the world with the highest rate of recycled copper use (45% according to data from the International Copper Study Group), while the US has 33.3% (according to data from the United States Geological Survey).

Where is recycled copper generally sourced from?

There are various sources for obtaining copper for recycling, some industries discard copper wire or tape from packaging, transformation industry and/or cable creation that discards portions that have not been processed, garbage separated from technological devices

Obsolete: it is the one that originates in greater quantity. It is made up of products that have completed their functional life cycle, such as construction waste (from plumbing, heating, electrical cables); or electronic equipment and brass products (copper + tin).

CO2 reduction

Copper recycling can reduce CO2 production by more than 1.25 Gigatons, the equivalent of taking 500 million cars off the road, copper supports the most popular renewable energies.

Deciding to use products made from copper can help reduce the consumption of a lot of energy that pollutes the planet.

Advantages of cooking with copper

You have probably seen copper cooking utensils on occasion, and very probably we have all been inspired by love, at first sight, they are of invaluable aesthetics and also take us back to traditional healthy cooking.

If you have ever seen copper utensils in a kitchen, you will surely fall in love at first sight.

It is elegant and adapts to any kitchen, its beauty is natural mainly if it has been well worked by the correct artisan hands, it goes well in rustic kitchens.

It transmits heat evenly, achieves uniform cooking, and less gas is needed to reach high temperatures in less time, thanks to these characteristics the same pan can be used for many things, they last a lifetime with the correct care, a specific advantage of kitchen utensils designed by Amoretti Brothers is that they are covered with a double layer of tin, which allows cooking to be 100% healthy and does not acidify with certain types of food.

It is important to take into account the essential care of this type of utensil so that you can give it an adequate life and good conservation, as well as aspects that influence the result of cooked products about health.

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