One of the Most Beautiful and Elegant Copper Ice Bucket on the market

One of the Most Beautiful and Elegant Copper Ice Bucket on the market

One of Our spoiled pieces is our Beautiful hand-hammered copper ice bucket designed for your very important sparkling wine. This piece of art has been created with great care, a piece that takes at least 3 days of elaboration, the casting of the metals, the hammering work, the integration of the different pieces, the tempering and the finishes, and final details.

This is the value that is acquired through the time, not only because of the value of the labor in the piece, but there is also a history and an intention that shapes a set of universal values that always accompany the expressions of art.

The Copper Ice Bucket It is a piece made of Solid hand-hammered copper with brass decors, the line design is hand-carved and the brass decor on the top, the brass napkin holder, and the copper rivets give a sophisticated finishing.

A piece that instantly jumps onto the scene due to its brightness, characteristic of the intense fiery color of copper, embellishes the environment and at the same time is a gateway to contact with the past, with tradition, with nature, with the basic elements.

Important utensils in specialized food restaurants, exhibitions, and gourmet food contests, gourmet talent shows, specialized chefs and bartenders, boutique hotels, spas, stages and settings, collectors who love handicrafts from the kitchen in the Italian Renaissance style, lovers of a good lifestyle, who know how to appreciate the value of things made with love, patience, dedication, and style.

The passion of living by making contact with objects that we could hardly find today is a privilege of few and a desire of many.

This Ice Bucket is made entirely by hand, at no time has a turning or cutting machine passed over its surface, it is a product that its coppersmiths have melted, carved, hammered, and polished with extreme care.

Chilling a good sparkling wine, or red wine is quite a scene, taking advantage of the piece to create environmental compositions, the wood in the environment, the atmosphere of nature, a warm light, an interesting conversation, an excellent fresh dish, the color silver of the ice and the green of the bottle, the reddish reflections of the copper walls and the intense shine of the textures in the limits of the angles of the piece.

Why not give yourself the pleasure of living that experience if you can do it!

Take to your table, to your business, to your kitchen, to your hotel, to your experience a piece of art that will give a different tone to that meeting, to that experience. A piece that tells a story, that carries with it the essence of endless experiences, a very

Roman design, a unique piece that you will hardly find and much less elaborated with that love and passion of Mexican coppersmiths with an Italian influence. Italian art in Mexico is made by artisans with a family tradition.


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