Frying Pans

A Beautiful Craft Amoretti Brothers hand-hammered copper fry pan collection. Hand-hammered by talented Mexican coppersmith, elaborate with double tin-lined on the cooking surface, these pans are hardworking and great looking, moving from your stovetop to oven and even tabletop with classic culinary appeal, this functional artwork has been made with recycled copper and a faithful interpretation of Italian Renaissance art, our products are preferred by "Connoisseurs of gourmet cuisine" "Excellent gifts for gourmet lovers" "Specialized Chefs" "Home Decor" "Specialized Food Exhibitions" "Specialty Restaurants"

Amoretti Brothers is a house of coppersmiths with Italian influence that has more than 15 years of experience, we specialized in working copper and brass. In 2006, we established Amoretti Brothers. Starting with only few products and big dreams, Amoretti Brothers has grown to have a factory where we manufacture high-end copper kitchen tools, custom range hoods, and finely crafted.
hammered copper fry pan  by amoretti brothers
Copper Frying Pan 9"
Hammered copper fry pan 11 inches by Amoretti Brothers
Copper Frying Pan, 11"
Hand-hammered to perfection by our expert coppersmiths, the 12.5” Fry Pan is a chic cooking staple.  Its gleaming copper exterior is complemented by a double layer of tin interior lining. Applied by hand by our artisans, each layer gives the inside of the pan an even protective coat that guarantees a lasting cookware piece.
Copper Frying Pan, 12.5"
A fine copper fry pan that harkens back to Roman elegance.  The classic look of the 9-inch “Leaves” Copper Fry Pan adds an elevated charm to your kitchen. Winding leaf designs cover the gleaming exterior of this fry pan. Made entirely from hand hammered copper, this copper cookware piece features a double layer of tin lining. Applied by hand, the tin layers provide an even protective coating that keeps your fry pan from wearing down.
Hand-Engraved Leaves Copper Frying Pan, 9"
9" Fry Pan with Lines Decor - AmorettiBrothers
Copper Frying Pan with Lines Decor 9"
11" Copper Fry Pan with Hand-Engraved Leaves - AmorettiBrothers
Copper Frying Pan with Hand-Engraved Leaves 11"