Serving Tray

Copper Serving Tray Collection

The copper serving tray is not just for serving drinks, but can also enhance the beof youauty r home. It is a valuable addition to your home décor. This Antibacterial Copper serving trays feature an attractive diamond pattern and provides permanent protection against harmful bacteria, fungi, and mold. The use of pure materials, like copper, is necessary to combat disease-causing bacteria and viruses. This utensil not only presents dishes, but also cooks food with its tin coating, preserving the original flavor. Crafted by skilled artisans using recycled copper and a double layer of tin, these pieces blend tradition with modern quality. These handmade copper trays are both practical and elegant.

Copper Tray - 18.7x10.8x1.6 - kitchen tools
Copper Tray - 18.7"x10.8"x1.6"
Round Copper Serving Tray
Round Copper Serving Tray
Copper Jam Pot Fruit Vegetables Kitchen Store
Large Copper English Tub