Mexico, a panacea of artisans with qualities typical of fifteenth-century coppersmiths in Italy. Copper Cocotte by Amoretti Brothers is one of our spoiled pieces.

Mexico, a panacea of artisans with qualities typical of fifteenth-century coppersmiths in Italy. Copper Cocotte by Amoretti Brothers is one of our spoiled pieces.

The Italian design manufactured in Mexico, an adventure that the members of the company Amoretti Brothers decided to venture into, upon meeting in their explorations with skilled artisans who had experience handling copper in different instances, coupled with the fact that in Mexico we find copper With one of the highest qualities, there are records that it was used in the city of Michoacán since pre-Hispanic times.

We have managed to create pieces that take the shape of Italian Renaissance design, in a fusion with expressions of the hands of the most skillful coppersmiths of that Michoacan region, these pieces take on their traits and care to create a result typical of a highly crafted piece worth.

We have sought a balance between the innovation of the artistic proposal, the contemporary of the product, the style and not losing the traditional that implies having pieces like these today, which are still molded with ancestral techniques such as hammering.

Some of our most special products that have been deserving of the resounding appreciation of our customers are:

Copper Cocotte with Engraved Leaves, a beautiful piece molded with the hammer technique and sculpted with leaf textures like a subtle branch, all completely handmade.

Realized with a Modern technique and old-world charm come together in the Cocotte Leaves.

This fine piece of copper cookware harkens back to the Roman roots of the Amoretti Brothers’ Italian heritage. Inspired by the illustrious artistic tradition of Rome, the Cocotte Leaves feature vine-like details and geometric borders.

The Cocotte line has taken much of our attention and we have created a variety of pieces with exclusive designs and different dimensions, all part of the following analysis:

The Gourmet culture loves functional utensils, but they also take great care of their aesthetics, since it is quite a show when it comes to bringing the result to the table, after all, food also enters through the eyes. Cocottes are utensils that have a wide variety of uses.

We have elaborated this product with the slogan that it is worthy not only of being a fundamental piece in the preparation of healthy food for connoisseurs, Chefs, and specialized restaurants but also for decoration in home spaces that deserve it, specialized food exhibitions, gifts high value.

One of the factors that have given us value recognition in our products is the use of recycled copper, and another, is that all our food utensils have a 2 mm layer of tin lined on the cooking surface, this detail has a powerful reason, that the cooking of the food does not cause a toxic reaction, even, not only that, that the nature of the original flavor of the food is completely preserved since some of these could be acidified or vinegared in many cases.

The dimensions of the Cocote that we elaborate go; from 1.2 Qt, 2.8 Qt, to 5.5 Inches, all of them are designed for the different needs of lovers of gourmet cuisine in the world.

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