Daubiere - Bread Box

Hand-Hammered Copper Daubière Collection

A copper hand hamered daubière will come really handy, not only for French cuisine but for any dish that requires a sealed environment to perform best. A daubière often can replace oven use completely and make perfectly cooked dishes right on the stove. Amoretti Brother’s Copper Daubière seals perfectly, but a great tip to get that extra moisture is to place the baking paper inside, well-covering the lid’s edges. 

Amoretti Brothers have created a beautiful and luxurious collector's item, completely handmade by Mexican artisans and Italian designs that evoke the rebirth of the Italian Renaissance and a Little touch of the best Mexican coppersmith. 

copper bread box with lid
Copper Bread Box 13"
Copper French Daubiere 15.7" - Hammered
Copper French Daubiere 15.7" - Hammered